Rulomatik™ with its vending machines, becomes a 24/7 car drying towel sales organization around the world.
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We set out to realize the most incredible business partnership on the market and we succeeded!

We do not only grow the business, we sincerely love what we do.
We make drivers' lives more practical in more than 255 cities in more than 27 countries.

Technical production designs that arouse interest.

Rulomatik's production, which is offered to people, is a powerful and emotional product.
It always draws attention in the location

You can find the datasheets that will help you to browse the technical issues of Rulomatik products on the website. Contact our expert using our contact forms and learn more about Rulomatik.


The technical drawings were made as a completely interesting design for the consumer.

It immediately attracts attention in its location. Microfiber car towels, which are sold automatically from the Rulomatik™ vending machines, allow people to discover and impressed by the vitalizing features of the vehicle's surface. Nowadays, we have also included its antibacterial feature and you can try all these features only in Rulomatik™


The microfiber car drying towel is the first need of drivers who wash their cars.

Even after repeated car washes, the car will not be clean if a car towel is not used. It is compatible with all model cars.
Everyone will want to use the polish and vitalization feature which is offered a standard.
We have developed a business model that will help you become a successful Rulomatik™ business partner.
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Source: Rulomatik distributorship statistics sales data.
  • 23.719 EUR
    Monthly profit for Rulomatik vending machine.
  • %900
    Average gross profit margin.
  • %700
    Avarage net profit margin.

Stable, systematic and automated earnings at your investment.

We have built proven transparent business in tens of country
  • 1 We offer winner chances.
  • 2 World’s biggest chain vending machines on disposable products.
  • 3 Sector’s digital face.
  • 4 Supporting with professional education.
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We currently have distributors in 27 countries, and we have more than 200 regional dealers affiliated with these distributors and working to reach more than 74 countries soon!

The Rulomatik Distributorship business model is profitable for two main reasons.

Great Demand

It automatically sells the first needed towels for any driver who washes his car. Rulomatik vending machines work like bees 24/7 in all seasons.

Inevitable Growth System

Rulomatik has already been tested in Asia since 2016, all errors identified and corrected. In fact, you use the experience of Rulomatik.


In the global market, Rulomatik provides consumers with the opportunity to purchase the products they need every minute of the day at the same quality and economic price, as well as strengthening its position in the market thanks to competitive products and partner-oriented services...
Every day in the world, it is washed and washed by billions of car and car drivers, a microfiber car towel is an important requirement in the world in which we live and work. Rulomatik™ vending machines are designed to provide efficient and sustainable systematic access to inner reservoir products...

We adapt to the latest innovations in the World.

Rulomatik, which can produce its own main card and its parts, and has the production facility which is high-tech products, can operate mdb-executive and has the highest performance microprocessor selections, can work with contactless credit cards, banknotes, coins, smart cards, and employee cards.

We share our production power with the World.
We started to manufacture industrial equipment until 2019. By now we established a fully automatic vending machine factory with an investment of 3 million Euros. Since our establishment, we continue to grow up.
Rulomatik™ production patents.
Production patents belong to Rulomatik only. Manufacturing Rulomatik vending machines started after achievement patent rights by favor
of PCT. (Patent Cooperation Treaty)

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Profit calculation; 284 058 руб.
With Rulomatik™ partnership.

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